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ongmai Food Co Ltd, suggests that when ▓mixing different foods, people have to look out for those that might result in bad reactions. She offers some tips for Shanghai Daily readers. Category 1: Soyb▓ean and milk products Bean curd and spinach When bean curd and spinach ar▓e eaten at the same time, they affect absorption of calciu▓m and may lead to blockages in the abdomen. Spina▓ch conta

  • the nutrients▓ in the food.
  • Sometimes there are risks of

more serious side

  • ins oxalic acid, which can react with the calcium in bean curd ▓in the intestines and form insoluble precipitat▓es of calcium oxalate. T

  • he foods taken toge▓ther affect the absorption of calcium. Bean curd and ▓green onion The combination of bean curd and green onions may

effects. Crab

affect the absorption of cal▓cium. Bean curd contains plenty of nutrit▓ion like protein and

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